Jun 27, 2011

Sculpting 200 - Mudbox Faces

Second part of my assignment was to sculpt 5 faces in Mudbox

Just a face- first one so it is kinda generic :)

Darth Sidious a.k.a The Emperor a.k.a Palpatine (star wars)

Fat man

Geralt the witcher

Stylized cartoon face

And an alien head I made a while back in first semester

Sculpting 200 - Mudbox Pokemons

Two pokemons sculpts as an assignment for my Sculpting class

Pokemon # 1 - Infernape sculpt

Infernape reference

Pokemon # 2- Parasect sculpt

Parasect reference

Jun 13, 2011

Modeling 100 - Final Project !!

This is my Final project for the first semester, The idea was to make a still image that includes models, lighting, rendering and final composition.

This is the story of a little warrior and his stubborn dragon that wouldn't let the warrior ride him, I'm not sure about the final posing of the characters but this is it for now

Modeling 100 - Charmande pokemon mudbox sculpt

This is the concept art

Digital Imaging 100 - Matte Painting

Last assignment for DIM100, Matte Painting
This is what came out of mine

Digital Imaging 100 - Realistic Head texturing

I textured this head using camera projections from orthographic photoes

Semester 1 is over

Well, first semester at Think Tank is behind me....looking forward for the second.
I learned a lot these past 4 months, I hope it keeps up this way

I have a few assignments I did not post yet...so here they come