Apr 30, 2011

Digital Imaging 100- Character Texturing

Meet Hank, this was my test subject for texturing class.
Modeled by Joseph Bullock, my modeling teacher at Think Tank

Color map 2048x2048

Bump map

Specular map

Displacement map

Apr 22, 2011

Modeling class #9-10- character modeling

So....this is my Redneck Boyscout model for Modeling 100
It is still WIP, got a few more days to work on him
Concept art by Carlos Huante

Classical animation- Walk cycle

Finished my 2d walk cycle
drawing the poses by hand is not as easy as it seems

3D Animation Class- Walk and Run cycles

Here are walk cycles and a run cycle I made in 3d animation 100 class

Regular Walkcycle

Stylized Walkcycle

Run Cycle