Mar 31, 2011

Modeling class #6- Plymouth Prowler done :)

The car is done.
next step scene setup, lights and render

3D Animation Class- Run cycle

First Run cycle animation test

Mar 14, 2011

Modeling class #4- Car (rims)

My 3rd modeling assignment, a car.
My choice is Plymouth Prowler

This is the rim of the car, first part modeling of the car

Modeling class #2-3 Environment

This is an Environment modeling exercise at Think Tank, the modeling is kinda done, of course the render is basic, no lights and no textures in the scene

And this is the concept:

Unreal Engine 3 Demo

Classical animation- flour sack

Flour sack exercise for classical animation class at Think Tank

Modeling class #1- Think Tank

An elephant model I made the first day of school, it is a rough base mesh done in Softimage XSI, bare with me...this is the fist time I used the program


Here are some compiled sketches from the last few months done for fun or for work
* Some sketches in sketchbox 4 inspired by

Think Tank Training Centre - A new life

Last month I began my year at Think Tank Training Centre, for those of you who do not know it is a CG school in North Vancouver, Although I just started my impression of this place is that it's one of the greatest places to learn the art of CG and, I think the best stepping stone for future career. Check out Think Tank's website and the program and you will know what I'm talking about: Think Tank