Feb 27, 2009

New work in progress: no name yet

Something i started a few days ago
I don't know exactly what it will be, but it will be funny.

And a quick render of the fish, I know you're asking yourself:"Where does the fish go?"
Trust me, he will have his place :)

I got into the Luxology.com Gallery :)

Luxology.com (the makers of Modo) have posted my Grimm in their gallery.
Big thanks to the guys at Luxology, love your software, keep it up.

And the Gallery Link with some state of the art images from many talented people.


I had a burst of energy one day, so I created this little guy.
His name is Grimm, and he loves his way of life :)
I made him entirely in Modo.
I'm planning an entire scene for him in the near future, but for now this is it

The render (Photoshop for background)

And the wire

Steampunk Challenge WIPs

Some WIPs i did for the CGSociety.org Steampunk challenge.
Although I didn't submit it , I plant to finish it sometime.

The concept

This is the Steam Tank Wip

And this is the Dragon Wip